Your First Appointment:

Treatment Space

You will meet with Dr. Hudson to discuss your health concerns, review your intake forms, ask questions about any symptoms you are having and answer any questions you have. After a thorough history you will have an exam.

As part of your appointment you will have an ‘ortho-neuro’ exam which Dr. Hudson uses to confirm that 1 – chiropractic care would help you and 2 – you can safely be treated by chiropractic methods. [An ortho-neuro exam is simply a special set of tests that a doctor performs to confirm or rule out common orthopedic and neurological conditions.] It sounds scary and complicated but be assured, it is not! Many of Dr. Hudson’s patients report that they found the exam thorough, logical and enlightening! You can hear directly from patients about their experience here!

Treatment space (patient view)

After Dr. Hudson has confirmed that chiropractic care is appropriate for you she will ‘adjust’ the specific areas of your spine that require treatment. It is not guaranteed that you will feel any different immediately but many people report less pain and better movement right away.

Dr. Hudson will also give you some recommendations for things you can easily do from home to help get the most out of your care. This may include exercises or stretches that are specific for you, ergonomic considerations, other therapies, etc.

This entire process will take about 45 minutes. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time with your paperwork filled out completely.

The Office:

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